Grilled Beef and Chicken Kabobs

Beautiful Spring weather and the right ingredients make for the perfect grilled beef and chicken kabobs!

Grilled Beef and Chicken Kabobs

This past weekend was just beautiful. What a perfect time to have friends over and do some grilling! 🙂 We decided Saturday that we would do beef and chicken kabobs on the grill Sunday afternoon. There are three parts to cooking kabobs: prepping, assembly, and grilling. We tackled this adventure with Rob prepping the food on Saturday and then me assembling and grilling the kabobs on Sunday. Prepping the ingredients for kabobs is essential so you know you have the right combinations for your guests to enjoy an explosion of flavor.

We began by heading to a local produce stand and picking up some cherry tomatoes, a red onion, and a green and red pepper. On the way home, we swung by the grocery store and picked up some chicken tenders, chunked stew beef, and some baby portabella mushrooms. Rob proceeded to cut up the vegetables into pieces no bigger than the cherry tomatoes.

HINT: Having all your ingredients about the same size ensures that your cook time won’t have to vary and everything cooks evenly.

He marinated the chicken in a garlic and herb marinade, and the beef marinated in Mrs. Dash Steakhouse marinade. He also cleaned and destemmed the mushrooms and marinated them in some Italian dressing. Everything was then placed in the fridge awaiting the assembly.

Sunday afternoon rolled around and it was time to assemble the beef and chicken kabobs. I was using a four-pronged kabob holder with wooden handles and I knew that I had to hang the holder off the edge of the grill; therefore, I assembled the ingredients on the prongs based on the placement on the grill. The beef could be a little rarer while the chicken had to be cooked through so both were placed on the skewers to ensure they cooked in the proper heat zone (you can see from the photos how I assembled and placed the kabobs on the grill). I also used some metal skewers to cook just the chicken, beef, and mushrooms for the pickier eater, that being me!

Grilled Beef and Chicken Kabobs

Once I had the kabobs ready for the grill, I still had plenty of meat and veggies left over so I mixed them together and cooked them in a grill wok over high heat letting the flavors meld together.

After just a short bit everything was ready and we served the kabobs alongside some long grain and wild rice and lima beans. What a perfect way to end a perfect weekend. Now we’re planning for next week!

Chef Daman

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