Rosemary Peach Whiskey

Simple Summer cocktail? Yes, please! This Rosemary Peach Whiskey has simple, fresh ingredients and is sure to be a big hit at your next cookout!

Rosemary Peach Whiskey

Summer has finally arrived, although it has still not been too terribly hot here in Atlanta. Thank goodness because we are loving every minute we get to spend with friends outside on the deck grilling and eating. Oh, and having a cocktail or two now and then!

Rosemary Peach Whiskey

I love rosemary and our bush has grown like crazy this Spring! So I have been trying to find as many ways as I can to use rosemary. I had heard about using fresh herbs in cocktails but had never tried any. I Googled “adult beverages with rosemary” the other day and found this A-MAZ-ING rosemary infused simple syrup. “Why is it so amazing,” you ask? Well, 1) it really was super simple to make and 2) it is SO YUMMY! It would even be perfect brushed on some sliced pineapple or peaches and then throw them on the grill!

Rosemary Peach Whiskey

And speaking of peaches, our friend Mark recently returned from Florida with fresh peaches in tow. SCORE! That was my inspiration for this Rosemary Peach Whiskey. We had a few friends over this past weekend to try out the recipe. With the suggestion from our friend Bill, I used Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey for a smooth, sweeter note… and what a great idea for this cocktail. And the white cranberry peach juice finished off the drink with the peachy goodness I was shooting for. A good ‘ole Southern cocktail from the Peach State! 

So go fire up your grill, grab some steaks or chops or whatever you’re feeling, and wow your friends with a Rosemary Peach Whiskey while you enjoy the cool (so far!) summer. 

Rosemary Peach Whiskey

Cheers! 🙂

Chef Rob

Rosemary Peach Whiskey
Simple Summer cocktail? Yes, please! This Rosemary Peach Whiskey has simple, fresh ingredients and will be a hit at your next cookout!
Recipe type: Cocktail
  1. Mix the ingredients in a large pitcher.
  2. Pour over ice and serve with a rosemary skewer with a slice of fresh peach.
For the garnish, cut a sprig of rosemary about 4 inches or so. Strip off the lower leaves and save them for another recipe! Use the rosemary sprig as a skewer and thread on a peach slice.

(This was not a sponsored post. All thoughts are our own.)

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1 Response

  1. pam says:

    So glad you liked my rosemary simple syrup! What a great idea to brush it on some grilled peaches or pineapple!!

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