Daman Shuman

I was raised on a small farm in rural South Georgia. We had cattle, pigs, chickens, and even guineas. We also had our crops: corn, potatoes, okra, carrots, peas, beans (all kinds of beans) and the list goes on. Growing up there didn’t allow me the opportunity to interact with other communities that were different from mine. As far as I knew, everyone rode a school bus, went to school from 8-3, and then went home to the folks. This also meant, to me, that everyone was eating the same thing as we were. You know, those farm vegetables that I mentioned above. The family also got our meat from the butcher shop from said animals. Because I thought everyone was eating the same thing as we were, I just knew that there was not a kid in the world that liked vegetables. My parents had a very hard time getting me to eat different foods growing up. I think I was 13 before they ever got me to try pizza or shrimp; which they grew to regret in time as they became two of my favorite foods.

As I got older, I began to visit other places and taste other cuisines. I have to admit, a lot of it, I didn’t like. Even after traveling most of the United States and trying different foods, I came to realize that no matter how much I yearned to get away from the country life, I would always be a meat and potatoes guy. There is one more thing that I would soon realize; I LOVE to cook, especially grilling. There was only one catch, I really didn’t enjoy eating a lot of different food that enjoying cooking.

That’s how I ended up co-authoring the blog with Rob. I hope you enjoy making our dishes as much as we enjoy creating them. I would also encourage you to send us a message with your recipe suggestions. If there is something that you have always wanted to try to make that is a little out of the ordinary, let us know and we might just try it out for everyone to enjoy.


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