Rob Miller

I was born and raised in the Midwest – Kansas, to be exact – where family dinners were part of our everyday lives. Every evening we gathered around the dining room table for dinner, which was lovingly prepared by mom of course, and talked about our day.

I remember pizza from scratch that we got to help build, goulash by the gallons, and all the crock pot meals! Roast and potatoes – which I hated, and ham & beans with cornbread – which I loved! We always had corn with spaghetti (weird, right?), and a cold glass of milk with every meal.

And it was our tiny little kitchen where mom made it all happen. She taught me how to cook, and my sister taught me how to bake – Potato Chip Cookies were my favorite! And Pigs In A Blanket!

I also grew up having lunch every Sunday at Grandma’s after church, and birthday dinners celebrated almost every month. Grandma Williams always hosted lunch for everyone: aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews; we all fit comfortably in her house every Sunday where we enjoyed Cynthia’s Meatloaf, Grandma’s Baked Mashed Potatoes, and there was usually gizzards & gravy fried up in the electric skillet. Afterwards, there were always Coca-Cola floats for dessert!

Grandma Miller held birthday dinners where everyone got their favorite cake for their birthday. Every holiday dinner featured her famous apple pie, cherry pie, and chicken with home made noodles!

My friends and I love to cook and I’m so thankful that I grew up in a family that loves food. Daman and I started this blog to share our spin on our favorite childhood recipes and to share our stories with you!

Feel free to send us a message if there is anything you would like for us to share with you! Thanks for visiting our Kitchen!