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All American Grill Burgers

All-American Grill Burgers

Last Friday, a couple of guys from work and I were walking across the street to a local pizza joint to grab some lunch. On the way, we started talking about different places close by to get lunch and Hugh mentioned a burger joint he had been to in North...

Mexican Taco Burgers

Mexican Taco Burgers

Remember when you were a kid and asked your mom what was for dinner. I remember that I heard HAMBURGERS at least once a week. I also remember that I got tired of the same, old American style beef cheeseburgers week after week. When I was old enough that my...

Burger Press

Fun Find: Burger Press!

SIZE DOES MATTER!!! At least when creating burger patties, it does. In order for your burgers to cook evenly and allow you to regulate ‘doneness’, your burgers need to be the same proportion. We found this awesome gadget, a burger press, at our local Kroger grocer; it even looks like...

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